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Many Government and Industry regulations require all controlled environments to be tested and certified per ISO 14644 from the International Organizationfor Standardization (ISO). Certco technicians can certify to any ISO Class required for any controlled environment. Our work meets or exceeds applicable cleanroom testing requirements for regulatoryregimes including the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) andthe European Union (EU) Annex. 


Laminar Flow Hoods (LFH)

Biological Safety Cabinets (BSC)

Compounding aseptic isolators

Fume Hoods 

Our fully trained technicians have worked on virtually everytype of cleanroom and HEPA filtration system now in use. Whether it’s a cleanroom supplied with individual HEPA filter blower units, or a space with anindependent air-handling unit, our technicians know it inside and out.  Our technicians can knowledgeably assess anyproblem and quickly resolve your issue. This Results in less downtime and more productivity for manufacturingand processing. 

Building a Cleanroom requires painstaking attention todetail where hundreds of factors contribute to final Cleanroom performance levels. This is why our experience is so vital, to ensure your Cleanroom is performing to your needs.  

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