History: Evolving with Our Clients

In 1989, Skip Norwood opened Certco, in response to the New England high-tech belt’s growing cleanroom service needs. Many of the area’s once tiny incubator companies have evolved into leading world organizations with large complex campuses. Throughout the years, Mr. Norwood and his engineering team have provided a full suite of services for the majority of the area’s life science and pharmaceutical organizations from consulting, annual testing and certification, involvement in preconstruction, initial building engineering, design, construction, renovation and installation of HVAC and cleanroom systems.

Today’s Solution and Vision

In 2015, Certco joined B&V Testing, our sister company based out of Waltham. Together, Certco and B&V Testing proudly provide a robust portfolio of compliance solutions for cleanrooms and lab equipment from the North East and into the Mid Atlantic. Not only do we have the largest and most accredited technical field service engineers, but also the most tenured senior management team, and operational staff to support all your routine and specialized cleanroom needs. 


Interested in joining our team? View and apply for open jobs on the B&V Testing Careers page.

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Testing, Certification & Services

The Certco team is NSF & CETA accredited and performs services to industry standards, guidelines & current Good Manufacturing Practices.

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Specialized Cleanroom Services

Certco has developed specialized cleanroom services to optimize existing cleanrooms or build new controlled environments.

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Microbiological Solutions

Certco offers a full suite of microbiological services: program development, analysis, and identification, through remediation to ensure sterility and compliance.

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Decontamination Solutions

Certco offers certification, repair and maintenance services for controlled environments, primary engineering controls, laboratory hoods and HEPA filtered equipment.