Testing, Certification & Services

The Certco team is NSF and CETA accredited and performs services to industry standards, guidelines and current Good Manufacturing Practices.  Offering a comprehensive suite of testing and certification services for controlled environments, primary engineering controls, laboratory hoods and other HEPA Filtered equipment including:

Our experience affords us the ability to diagnose and rectify any problems that may be detected. We also offer emergency response services because we recognize the importance of keeping our client’s facilities running.

Specialized Cleanroom Services

Certco has developed specialized cleanroom services to optimize existing cleanrooms or build new controlled environments.

  • HEPA filter change outs, repair and replacement projects

  • Assist with SOP, IQ, OQ, & PQs thru execution

  • Protocol analysis

  • Air & pressure balancing

  • Cleanrooms upgrades

  • Air balancing for energy savings

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Microbiological Solutions

Environmental monitoring and proper aseptic techniques are crucial in developing and maintaining a sterile environment. Our dedicated microbiology team is comprised of CETA accredited and experienced field engineering and microbiology professionals, who collect and process your samples in our onsite microbiological laboratory. We offer our clients a full suite of microbiological services from sampling all the way through to remediation.

Our advantages include:

  • Environmental monitoring program review

  • Sample plan development

  • Media fill kit analysis

  • Glove finger tip analysis

  • Non-viable particulate monitoring

  • Viable air and surface monitoring

  • Microbial growth analysis, which includes bacterial and fungal:

    • Characterization (morphologies and gram stains)
    • Identification of organisms to the genus or species level
  • Contamination remediation and consulting with our microbiology staff

  • USP 797

  • USP 800

  • ISO 14698

Compressed Air/Gas

  • Viable Air
  • Non-Viable Air
  • Oil
  • Water Vapor
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Decontamination Solutions

Contamination can have disastrous effects throughout an organization from patient safety, research, and production. We offer contamination remediation for controlled environments that can address your specific needs, minimize downtime, ensure bioburden reduction levels are met to get your operation back up and running. Our project team has hundreds of hours of field experience managing and facilitating projects ranging from small pieces of equipment such as incubators and biological safety cabinets to small research and BSL-2 labs all the way to entire facilities.

Our solutions include:

  • Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide (VHP)

  • Chlorine Dioxide

  • Paraformaldehyde

  • Preoccupancy / Change in Research / Full Facility Decommissioning

  • Animal Vivarium’s

  • BSL3 Laboratories

  • BIs are utilized to validate decontamination

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Cleanroom Certification and Complimentary Solutions

Your strategic partner in controlled environment performance testing and compliance