Certco offers comprehensive ASHRAE 110 certification and face velocity testing of Chemical fume hoods are tested in accordance with AIHA/ANSI Z9.5, SEFA, ASHRAE 110 and OSHA.

Primary tests aka Face Velocity include:

  • Inflow (face) velocity profiling
  • Airflow visualization testing

  • Cross draft airflow testing

Additional tests:

  • Airflow alarm installation and calibration

ASHRAE 110 testing:

  • Inflow (face) velocity profiling

  • Small and large volume smoke testing

  • Cross draft airflow testing

  • Tracer gas containment testing

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Testing, Certification & Services

The Certco team is NSF & CETA accredited and performs services to industry standards, guidelines & current Good Manufacturing Practices.

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Specialized Cleanroom Services

Certco has developed specialized cleanroom services to optimize existing cleanrooms or build new controlled environments.

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Microbiological Solutions

Certco offers a full suite of microbiological services: program development, analysis, and identification, through remediation to ensure sterility and compliance.

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Decontamination Solutions

Certco offers certification, repair and maintenance services for controlled environments, primary engineering controls, laboratory hoods and HEPA filtered equipment.

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